Website Services

Website Building

If you currently do not have a website we can build one for you at a relatively reasonable price. Our website building packages start at $199.00 which includes your first year hosting, a home page, about us page, and a services page. It also includes 5 stock photos relating to the industry you are in. If you have pictures of your work or your farm and would like to include them in a gallery, please contact us first so we can give you an exact price for creating your gallery.

Here are some examples of our work:

We have website packages to fit every budget, so do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you with with any budget. We can even do a monthly payment plan on most packages. Again our goal is to help small business owners on a budget.

Website Auditing

If you already have a website it is wise to maintain it. One of the ways of maintaining your website is to do regular site audits. A site audit reveals the overall health of of your website. It lets you know if there are any problems that may be affecting your website’s page rank in search results. Your website needs to be built in a way that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines understand what it is about. Believe it or not everything on your website matters when it comes to turning up in your customers search results. If you have a poorly built website you can bet your customers are not finding you, but are finding your competitors!

Our site audits start at $25.00. We start by performing a 6 point audit which looks at 6 different aspects of you website:Visibility, META, Content, Links, Images, and Semantics. I realize that many of you reading this may not understand all of these terms. You can click here to be taken to our resources page that gives the definitions of all of these terms and more.

Once you receive your audit you may choose to correct the issues yourself or have us to correct the issues in one of our maintenance packages. Once again we can work with any budget. An audit needs to be performed before any pricing can be given on a maintenance package.

**One of the best ways to lower your lead costs is to reach your customers on the the internet and I don’t mean Pay Per Click. Pay per click has its place but I would first work on getting your website healthy, especially if you are working on a limited budget

Website Maintenance

You should treat you website as you would treat one of your primary tools you use in your business. You would make sure it was always well maintained ready to work for you everyday. And you wouldn’t buy a piece of equipment for your business then just let it sit in a box and never use it, especially if it definitely would make your job easier. Your website IS a tool for your business. It helps you tell your story and is to everyone that sees it, the face of your business. You should want to maintain it and keep it running so it can do what it was meant to do; GET you Business! Maintenance packages start as low as $25.00 per month.