Printed Services

Business Cards

We have some of the best prices on business cards in the industry. We can design a card for you, or you can send us your design. Just remember less is more. You don’t have to get fancy. People just need to know your name, what you do, and how to get in touch with you. That’s it! Any more is just gibber jabber to them. Remember, no one will ever care more about your business more than you. You don’t need all the fluff. You just need the essentials, that’s it. We have cards starting at 500 cards for $50.00! At this price give one to everyone you meet, everyday!

Company Brochures

A company brochure can be a great way to help tell the story of your business and give a little more information about your services. Be sure not to say everything, use the brochure to direct those you give it to, to your website or a landing page that links to your website. We can help you design your brochure or give you tips to which programs that can help you with this. If we design one for you, we can design and send it back to you in a PDF or version of your choice and you will be able to print them off of your personal printer as you need them. You may also take a jump drive to your local print shop to have large quantities printed.

Customer Lists

Are trying to target a specific customer type? We can create list of customers that meet criteria you specify. For example, if you are looking for customers that have just purchased a home we can put in that criteria along with others to dial in on your ideal customer.

Direct Marketing Campaigns

By using the lists acquired per your criteria we can develop campaigns directed to those customers. We can also create campaigns to target existing customers or target customers surrounding current job addresses. What sets our campaigns apart from others is we have proprietary software that will personalize each campaign for your potential customers.

Magnetic Signs or Lettering for Vehicles

If you travel a lot to your jobs everyday, you NEED to let the thousands of customers you pass know you are in business. By lettering your vehicle you can also let them know the types of services you provide and how to get in touch with you. If you do not have lettering or signs on your vehicle you are missing out on revenue, I guarantee it!

Yard signs

Simple yard signs are the most cost effective form of print advertising you can buy. Even if you are on a day or two, do not dismiss the power of a well placed yard sign. If you invest in economical yard signs you can afford to leave the signs behind and lit the home owner remove the sign when they want. We have 24″x18″ chloroplast yard signs starting at $8.00 per two sided sign including the stand.