Marketing Services

Social Marketing

We create Face Book, Twitter, Google+, Houz, and other social media pages for your Business. We can then use those pages to help promote your Business and run campaigns that target customers looking for the types of services you provide.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We Optimize the pages of your website to increase the visibility in the organic sections of returned search results. This can have a longer effect than any pay per click, but does need done on a regular basis which is part of website maintenance and marketing efforts.

Targeted Marketing

We can target certain audiences that may be looking for your services on the internet. We can even target your competitors customers in some cases. We also use different demographics depending on the type of services you provide as well as the location you wish target. Just because your business is in a specific location does not mean we only target that area. You tell us where you want to get your customers from and we can target only those areas.

QR Code Marketing

They’ve been around for several years now. But their popularity has really grown in just that last couple of years. You can find them now on almost every thing. They are on the products we buy, we see them on bus stop shelters, in the magazines we purchase, I’ve even seen them on menus at restaurants. What are they? QR codes! They are the little weird markings on all of those things that enable you to scan them and they take you to a special message about that product. They can also direct you to a landing page, website or just have some simple details about the item they are on. These QR codes are a great way to reduce printed costs as well as it sends your customer directly to the message you want them to see without the possibility of being distracted by your competitors ads. And you can use them on anything! Business cards, yard signs, your car or truck, brochures, even in ads you run. People are always curious about what is behind a QR code. Make the initial copy interesting enough and people can’t help but to scan it to see what is there. QR codes are the future of digital marketing and keeping easy access to information.

Ad Words Campaign

Pay per click can be a good resource for getting some quick leads. We can manage your GOOGLE ad words account for you. Set a spend target per day, set the time of day your ads are to run and we can even set the geographical area you want the ads to show up in. Random print advertising(such as coupon mailers, coupon magazines, etc.) goes out to everyone. Even when your print goes out to just homeowners it still goes out to a lot of people not necessarily looking for your services. At least with pay per click your ad is generated based on some type of search term you specified, so at least those viewing your ad are looking for your services. To be affective be prepared to spend starting out at $300.00 to $500.00 per month. Well worth it if your wanting some immediate results. We can come up with a marketing campaign that is right for you, your business and your immediate goals.

Banner Ads

Banner ads work similar to pay per click. They are usually located at the top of the search results pages. We can also find websites that specialize in attracting the type of customers that would be looking for the services you provide. On these types of website we can negotiate a pay per click price or a monthly price. Our banner services consist of generating a banner for you as well as finding a placement for that banner. Or we can just generate the banner and send it to you if you have already secured placements. Please contact us with details of your banner for us to give you an exact price. Our designing services start at $45.00 per banner.